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What would you do if a crisp ten dollar bill landed in your lap?

Ill tell you what I would do, WORK PARTY!  I have exactly enough money to buy a roll of low tack tape and a half dozen brushes.  Its going to be in the upper 60’s tomorrow and finally warm enough to start mending the winter carnage.  I owe The` at least three coats of paint on her bow sprite and her once lovely bright work is showing that it was a long hard winter.  Instantly I have enough supplies to last the month.

I’m not the type of person who enjoys doing bright work but I throw myself in and geter done.  Summers coming 🙂

SREEECH, news flash!!!!!

Am I foolish enough to purchase a second Falmouth Cutter???? the scary answer just might be yes!  🙂  If you are desperate for one of these boats there just might be a deal in the waiting.