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Have you ever had a premonition that you were going to have a deja vu?  I have them all the time.  Right now its that the work season is coming to an end and I have countless projects to finish before the cold sets in. Now that I have cleared my schedule for the rest of my life I guess I should do something about it.

The budget is busted so I am focusing on projects that can be completed with supply’s I have aboard, ie painting, varnish, oil,…

Piece by piece her wood is starting to look new again.  If I looked at this boat as a single project I would surly give up and walk away, instead i just do one piece at a time knowing well I will never finish but with time I will be able to keep up.

The weather is beautiful and my supply’s are running low so there is definitely and end in sight, sort of.  Once I find an end point on the outside I will move inside and continue where I left off in April.  While I often don’t know what I’m doing its fun figuring this little jig saw puzzle out.  I often wonder if there are any other sailors as familiar with their boat as I.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

I’m not sure where to start on the interior so maybe I will just go sailing for a few days till I figure it out.

 “There’s always a way – if you’re committed.” – Tony Robbins