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December 21 brought the solstice and the beginning of the four darkest days of the year, barely 8 hours of light followed by sixteen of darkness.  Christmas day will end the darkness bringing a few precious minutes of free light from here on out each and every day.


December solstice is considered by most to be the first day of winter.  For me it signals that I have survived the worst of it, the cold damp cloudy days grow longer and brighter from this days forward.  Spring and cruising season are just around the corner, day by day my fight with mold, mildew, and the cold damp is coming to an end.  I love living aboard the boat, its a constant battle to stay warm but one well worth the fight.  Thank god we as sailors have short memories, or we may never head back to the sea.

living aboard

The long dark nights are passed with hot fresh popcorn, small boat projects, and or my favorite book.  I listen to sounds from around the world on my most prized possession, my little short wave radio “thanks Ken :)”.  tonight I will flip through all the blank pages of my new journal looking for the proper place to start my story.

leather journal

Life is good and getting better every day.  It looks like we will have a white Christmas which means hiking in the snow for Chloe, her favorite :).  My Christmas wish is that each and everyone of you live your dreams as best as you can.  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.  Alan

Dance like nobody’s watching….

Sing like nobody’s listening…

Love like you’ve never been hurt…

Work like you don’t need the money…

Live like it’s heaven on earth…

~Mark Twain