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I feel pretty special that KoAloha Ukulele’s named their new line of uke’s after me, KoAlana and in 3-4 weeks my new concert uke will be in my hands. It was no short journey picking the perfect uke for our new film but after a solid year of research we have landed at our destination.

We have been searching the planet for new music for the sound track but every turn was a dead end, we finally decided to make our own sound track  using local musicians, friends and our self’s for the entire project.

KoAlana Concert Ukulele

Like the boat the uke is more than just a tool, we wanted a timeless beauty, rugged and slightly plain but beautiful beyond compare, both in function and natural beauty.  Because we have decided to entirely fund this project on our own we also have a budget.  Hawaii Music Supply will be setting it up and delivering it to us any day now.  There are no words to describe how excited we are but pre-production is coming along well and we start filming in less than a month.

For God so loved the Ukulele that He gave us many hardwoods, so that whoever builds one will have an instrument that will last for an eternity.