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There are boats, and houses, and house boats, and even boat houses but we think we have found the perfect combination, at least for the armchair sailor or weary foot worn traveler.

Pilot Cutter

We checked into Wayfarers Rest a beautiful little hostel located right in the heart of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.  We were foot weary and ready for a break from a full day of exploring the Island.

pilot cutter

We loved this little oasis and had fun playing in someone else’s boat, one thing we noticed immediately  is a although this boat was nearly 8 feet longer and a foot wider than our little Pilot Cutter it wasn’t any larger or more comfortable.

pilot cutter

Two foot Itis is fairly common among sailors,  Rarely will you meet a boater who doesn’t think their boat is a bit too small, or sometime a bit too large.

Wayfarers Rest

Stuffing two adults and a dog into a 22′ sailboat makes for quite a cozy package and while we have been on the constant search for a Bristol Channel Cutter our little boat is amazingly comfortable.

Boat dog

Every small modification we make to the boat makes her a bit larger and more comfortable but there is always that lingering thought of just a few more feet would…

Wayfarers Rest

I get Serena on every boat I can showing her small differences in size and layout and thank god she always comes home thinking our little boat is the best.  It can be  a challenge living together on such a small boat but there is a sort of romanticism that comes with our little yacht that size can never replace.

Wayfarers Rest

Like all magnificent things our boat like our lives is simple.