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Actually I had a dream, I was sitting on a desert island with a bunch of crumpled up cigarette butts and an empty squished package of cigarettes.  I wrote in my journal, “dear diary, today I quit smoking.”

cutting the dock lines

Perception is an interesting thing. I love the old question: if you have a half a glass of water do you see it as half full, or half empty?  I just see a glass of water and drink it. Yum! Water is the most amazing thing on the planet; it grows on trees and actually falls from the sky.  I’ve only been truly dehydrated once in my life and actually thought I was going to die. The truth is I was dying; another day or so and it would have been dirt nap time.

What is it then that we truly need to survive? Water is number one on the list followed by a little food. That’s it. Nobody wants to go through life merely surviving but will quitting smoking kill me? Will life without a new car or big fancy yacht kill me?  What about no morning coffee  or giving up my sun-downers?  Again perception is everything. The number one response I get on this blog is, more power to you but I could never do that.  We can all do anything we want, this is America.  So if we can do anything we want why don’t we?  Routine, fear of change…I really don’t know.  One thing I can tell you is that every night when I’m falling asleep I get excited about waking up and having a cup of coffee and a cigarette.  I love having a glass of wine every evening when I’m done with my boat chores and the dog is walked. It’s a wonderful thing.

Well the party is over so to speak.  There are five exquisite bottles of wine left on the boat and every one is ear-marked for a special person in my life. The tobacco is running dry and the coffee jar is running on fumes.  I could stay here, get a job and continue enjoying life’s little pleasures or I can cut the lines and find new ways of living.  It scares me, no morning ciggi? no piping hot coffee? no sun-downer? WHAT THE HELL!?  CHOICES…

In America we are taught that it’s everything or nothing. Can’t afford it? Charge it!  Don’t want to wait for a home-cooked meal, go to the drive-through.  If you don’t feel well screw making yourself healthy, just take drugs.

I like to wait for things and I love earning things. I appreciate everything I have although I don’t have much.  I don’t rush anything, I never have and I never will.  I might sail the smallest yacht in the harbor but I also have the most loved and best maintained yacht in the harbor.  Some people hang art on their walls; I live in, on and around my art.  Hookie is just a boat, but the Art of Hookie is how we came to exist.  Freedom has its costs and I have paid my dues, made my choices, and plotted my course. Oh look! A glass of water and I’m thirsty. Time to wet my lips.

“If Pavlov tested his cat he would have failed.”
~Patrick H.T. Doyle