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Its happened to the best of us, sooner or later, usually at the most inopportune moments we have a WTF did my cash go moment.  Case in point, I just found my wallet after 6 months of not really looking that far or hard.  When it turned up it had no cash, a drivers license that is worthless to me as I have no car and a ATM card that I haven’t used in over two years.

Emily Richmond

I discovered Emily Richmond and her blog years ago. I fell in love immediately, single girl sailing the pacific, who wouldn’t; it didn’t hurt that she is beautiful, brilliant and a talented sailor but hey…  She has an article in the Billfold today that is a must read.  Next time you have to ask yourself why you aren’t following your dreams, the answer just may be because you don’t want to badly enough.

It was a simple system that had nothing to do with wealth or status. It was a system of camaraderie and kindness, that approached life like it was a big pot and everyone was only expected to toss in whatever they had. And I loved it, you know? This way of living that systematically acknowledges that we’re all in this together – a currency I can really get behind.  ~Emily Richmond