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Seven miles isn’t a very long way to run, on any given day I can do it in my sleep but on this day seven short miles were  trying to break me. Tears streamed down my cheeks uncontrollably.  They weren’t tears of pain, or frustration or sorrow.  I didn’t know where they were coming from, I had never experienced this emotion.

Mile marker 43

I met Candice on the preverbal trail of life.  While my broken body puts in miles on the couch she is logging 100 milers through the desert, the one and only thing in life I have never accomplished.  We all need heroes and peers, you know the old saying that you are only as good as the company you keep.  I keep her words of wisdom on my front page and use her as my daily motivation to heal my body and get back out in the dirt where I belong.

Candice Burt

For the minimalist trail running is the truest form of self redemption.  All you need is a pair of shoes and a wide open space to run wild.  The mountain will show you the way, tell you who you are and push you to spiritual places you never knew existed.  Life has taught me many hard earned lessons; on this day the mountain had something special in store for me and all I had to do was run seven short miles.  It was at that precise moment in my life  that I met myself, the true me.  I found something in my heart that I never knew existed.  The tears flowed like water, my broken body had hit the wall, I was bonking and no amount of physical strength would get me through.  There was only one way home and the mountain was awakening my inner strength.  I could have made many choices that day, quitting would have been the easiest.  Somewhere on that trail I left my body behind and ran, walked, hobled and actually crawled on my hands an knees through the dry dusty sage.  I was humbled that day in a way words will never describe.  That was the day I learned that I could accomplish anything in this world with nothing more than pure will.  That was the day I met myself at mile marker 43.

I dont exercise ever, exercise is work.  What I’m doing is training myself to remove quit from my mind, body and soul.