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I laid in my bunk this morning doing a last minute re-write for an article I’m writing on freedom.  I could hear two guys outside talking about my little boat.  One guy was telling the other guys how much she cost and telling his friend how rich I am, I had to laugh.  Year to date I have made less than $3,000.00

Ultimate freedom

His words sent me into a writing frenzy as I contemplated freedom, sucess and life in America.  I was raised by capitalist hippies.  I’ve never fallen far from the tree but l have set my own path to riches and a life well lived.  Its easy to tell the difference between a capitalist and a socialist.  The capitalist earns his keep, takes care of his possessions and appreciates the fruits of his labor.  The socialist is the one who always shows up empty handed asking for handouts and complaining when they aren’t what they want.  The socailalist will drain your mind, wallet and life as quickly as a hole in the boat.  Socialists don’t appreciate anything because they haven’t earned anything.

As a capitalist I not only appreciate everything I have but I also maintain my few possessions as they were all hard earned and I want them to last forever.  If I had to describe my capitalist ways in one word it would be freedom.

Its easy to loose sight of what freedom truly means.  In just over two hundred years we have laid millions of miles of fences, posted billions of signs controlling our every move and have more laws than citizens of this beautiful country.  I used to get really frustrated and pissed off at all the rules, I was actually fined $10,000.00 for cutting down a tree on my own property.  I owned the land and I owned the tree yet I wasn’t even free to to do as I pleased with my own property.

When John Hancock signed the Declaration Of Independence he was making a statement of freedom but that symbol has turned into a pact with the devil.  You want something you can’t afford… just sign this piece of paper and I will give it to you and let you pay me later at twice the price.  Cars, houses, boats, student loans, credit cards, phone contracts…

I could sit down right now and write a book about all the lost freedoms in America but I won’t.  I’ll leave you with these simple few words and a beautiful independence day weekend to contemplate them.

Freedom can’t be taken away, it can only be given away.

Please feel free to share your favorite link of capitalism at its finest.

living on $5.00.00 a DAY