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I can’t say for sure what the most important piece of gear on our boat is, but the most used one for sure is our shiny, white bucket.  Today was a day for ice cold baths with crystal clear San Juan rain water.  First it was Chloe’s turn, then mine and last but not least, Emily’s.

sailor girl

We discovered a funky smell in the boat and were sure it was one or all three of us put together.  What ever it was we were confident a good scrub would rid the air of the nautilus funk, it didn’t!


I went through our lockers one by one till I found the culprit, one bad apple spoils the bunch.  One of our cans had rusted through and the carnage was puke inspiring; enter the magic bucket.


Buckets are indeed one of the most valuable tools on a boat, read How to shit in a bucket.  They are great for potty emergencies, puking as mentioned above, laundry, and emergency blood removal.  You can use them to store ice and your ice cold beers, hauling oysters and crabs.  You can hang them off the side of the boat to clean your clams. They are cheap, last forever and you can store a bunch together is a tiny small space.  Not only will they save your sanity but they just may save your life and your boat if you need a fool proof bailer.  Emily was like a little girl splashing and playing naked in the cockpit, which also proves that a bucked can be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”
― Plato