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I’ve always had a bike on my boat, usually a folder . I have never once rowed it to shore, but from the dock dwelling prospective they are awesome. I’ve been a dock queen out in the islands all summer as the most I can get away with right now is short day sails. It always makes me smile to see people walking their bikes down the dock as they are the best tools for exploration, provisioning or just a ride to a  new pub.dahon folding bike

A couple of years ago an a snowy Christmas Eve I strapped my panniers on my Dahon and rode up to the local co-op, only a few miles away but too far to walk. All bundled up with pink cheeks and a pink nose it felt great peddling through the brisk evening.

Cicely Alaska

I saw a friend driving in circles in the impossibly crowded parking lot when I arrived. I locked my dog and bike to a pole and did my shopping. I found everything I wanted and everything fit in nice and snug with a french roll strapped on top. My friend was still driving around looking for a spot to park in when I unlocked the bike and treated Chloe to a snack. Next was the chocolatier for a good bar of chocolate and then the video store for a christmas movie. It was down hill all the way and I rode right to my boat. I unclipped the saddle bags and put them in the boat folded the bike and stowed it in the aft locker and put everything away. This took about 5 minutes.


When my then wife got home I had hot buttered rum, fresh rolls and home made cream of mushroom soup waiting. I’m guessing by this time my friend had done her shopping and was fighting traffic to get home.

I love my bike

Like boats bikes come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges.  If you don’t own a bike but you have the means I highly suggest you go out and find a perfect match, it just may save your life.  In a few short weeks I will celebrate my five year anniversary with going car-less.

Bike Friday

“When you’re turning the crankset, you’re riding the bike. When you’re coasting, you’re just along for the ride.” ~ Ned Overend