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I reached into the locker and pulled out a can of pasta sauce, the lid read best if used by 2013, i wondered where and when I purchased that old can, didn’t matter dinner was delicious.  Unlike most Americans who are still paying for food they charged in 2013 were still eating food we bought in 2013.

Zombie Apocalypse

Sookies lockers are filled with edible souvenirs from all over the islands, every meal is like a time capsule.Doomsday preperation

I can’t believe how much food this boat holds.  I loaded the boat at the end of April for my cruise to Alaska, that was before Chloe became ill and I thought I would need a full six months of provisions to get us through.  Now 5 months later I’m down to my last case of wine and bottle of rum and a few pulls of whiskey.  Chloe still has nearly 80 lbs of dog food and I’m guessing there is still a good month or two to purge while we prepare to restock for the long cold winter.  I know I can drop half a year of food for two into this husky little cruiser but what about three?

small boat provisioning

Sookie was a cold and alien to me when I pulled her out of wraps last March.  It didn’t take long to bring her back from the long harsh winter.  Back then I never could have guessed that all my planning and preparation was for not but life works in mysterious ways.  Now half a year later Chloe is making a slow recovery, Emily has taken over as first mate and While we won’t be sailing to Alaska with the dog, adventure abounds everywhere.

boat stores

Emily is finally completely moved aboard and as I purge each locker in an attempt to put in better ventalation we have already started with our hoarding ways.  When I found natural peanut butter for $2.99 I bought 15 jars, this weekend is a canned food sale and we will get everything we can to keep this little escape module going.  I’m always asked why I’m buying 15 cans of this or 20 bags of chips or hot sauce by the case, my simple response is that I’m preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.

San Juan Islands

By the time our food hoarding spree is complete we hope to add over a thousand pounds of stores plus another 300 lbs of dog food and of course our standard 500 lbs of wine.


I’ve never been able to fully load all my lockers or get this little ship down on her DWL but she does seem to sail better the more weight she is carrying as long as we keep her ends relatively light.  People like to make fun of us for our hoarding ways but its just food and eventually it will all get eaten.  Emily wants me to teach her how to fish and forage, food is free for the taking everywhere and thats where our new journey begins.

“Make requests, not demands.

example: “please” kill that zombie honey, I’m out of bullets.”
― Jesse Petersen