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Are the last words we ever want to say. The only thing more important than keeping a clean and tidy ship when you’re a live-aboard outfitting your boat for cruising, is not getting pregnant. (Obviously we are not married so therefore remain abstinent and this scenario is entirely hypothetical…hi, mom!)Cruising with kids

Disclaimer: I know some very successful parents who live this lifestyle and love their kids almost as much as their boats, and I mean no offense. We both think kids are okay, but prefer our dog.

We are transient, working sailors with the intention of cutting the dock lines. Bringing a baby onboard, for us, is not an option. A baby would both literally and figuratively suck us dry, and probably mean we had to move back to land, and pick up that 9-5 lifestyle.

However the current health system has proven difficult when trying to achieve this. If you are lucky enough to be suitable for an IUD, you are pretty much home free when it comes to birth control and sailing away into the deep blue yonder. But what about those of us where this is not an option?

Birth control has come a long way with the IUD, the shot, the patch, etc. Making it more convenient and affordable for women to choose their own destiny. But aside from the IUD (which believe me is NOT right for everyone: think hair loss, debilitating cramps, bleeding 3 weeks out of the month, severe emotional instability, and I’m not just talking about crazy people (like me) experiencing these symptoms), all of these options pretty much have a six month expiration date. Meaning every 3-6 months you must visit your doctor or pharmacy to obtain more medicine.

For me, the only option is the pill and I can only get it three months at a time. This leads to other questions when building an offshore medical kit. Like how do you get your doctor to prescribe you antibiotics for a myriad of infections from the simple UTI to gangrene?

My partner is a real do-it-with-less kind of guy. But this girl is a hypochondriac Jew from New York.

Please, ladies and their gentlemen; help me solve this birth control conundrum. Any doctors out there who could provide me with a BC prescription I could pick up 12 months at a time? How about Mexico, I know dental work is cheap there…

Any responses about how to get your doctor to give you a year supply (or more!) of BC pills at a time, and a cruising medical kit are greatly appreciated.