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Black Friday is among the most celebrated of all national holidays.  It’s a day when we can leave our families home alone on one of our few days off during the year.  We can wait in long lines for grand openings. Shove, beat and murder our neighbors to support mass consumerism, and save lots of money on cheap Chinese shit we don’t need, can’t afford, and won’t last much longer than the factory farm tortured turkeys we ate for Thanks Grieving Day.

Black Friday

We set off to the superstore early, we shop in nature and consume it heavily.  Vitamin D is at a premium these days and we stocked up for the winter.

Black Friday

We rode in circles looking for a premium parking spot and finally, after miles of winding country roads, found one right up front.

black friday

We didn’t know what we wanted but ran around in a greedy frenzy trying to get it all in before it was snatched up by the desperate souls like those in Costco fighting over free samples.

hiking san juan island

We didn’t have any money with us so we maxed our wild cards to the limit.

hiking san juan island

Hiking skirt from the local thrift store.

san juan island naturalist

Old flannel mountain shirt, hand me down.

hiking san juan

Endless youth and perfect health.

hiking san juan

Flying like Peter Pan.

trail running skirt

I can fly, I can fly.

girl in a tree

Climb a tree.

hiking san juan

Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the ginger bread man.

trail running

You might be fast but I have stamina

Smiling so hard your face hurts

Smiling so hard your face hurts.

san juan island

There are some things that money can’t buy, for everything else theres a really good commercial put out by the spawn of the devil to make you indebted till death do us part.

“Our economy is based on spending billions to persuade people that happiness is buying things, and then insisting that the only way to have a viable economy is to make things for people to buy so they’ll have jobs and get enough money to buy things.”
― Philip Slater