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Pedaling down a lonely stretch of dirt road we came across a sign reading private property, no trespassing.  It was one of many we would see as we poached a secret stretch of Old San Juan searching for a hidden beach campground I had almost found last summer.

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My single speed is virtually silent.  The dry crackling sound of gravel, the smell of a wood burning stove in the woods somewhere, an eagles cry off in the distance.  It could have been any day but today was special, it was Super Bowl Weekend and it seemed as if we were the only two humans on the planet earth.

surly cross check

Curiosity got the better part of us and no mans roadblock would stop us.  We talked about signs, fences and rules in a woods with not a single soul to witness them.

Kona Paddywagon

If we had a map we might have been able to find a better route but once you bring a map and compass the adventure is over.

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Snacks at an abandoned and derelict beach front home were a welcome break. danger girl

We haven’t seen a single flake of snow this year but today surely must ave been the coldest day of the year.

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My trusty Topo designs Klettersack 15 carried our moveable feast powered by our legs and driven by our desire to explore every inch of this place at a snails pace.

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Neither of us are good cooks but we are both pros at slicing summer sausage and stacking it on dry bread.

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Pondering our future I try and figure out how to fit it all in, sailing, bike touring, backpacking and exploring with little more than the clothes on our back.  Emily has turned out to be the best parter in the world and will happily follow me down the path less pedaled.  She makes up the adventures and its my job to bring them to fruition.

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”
― Nelson Mandela