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I write the words in my journal and they  become real. I’m sitting in paradise, my life is easy, too easy. The challenge is gone.  Ive stripped all the layers away and can finally see clearly. I’ve committed to selling Sookie. 


People are always trying to get me to sail to New Zealand, I can’t image why I would want to sail half way around the world only to arrive at a place exactly like the place I left. A place where I can’t work and where everything costs double and with twice the tax. 

My little Falmoth will sail rings around a Dana 24 but that will be my new home.  I no longer need the best boat, just a damn fine one. 

I’ve done a lot of changing over the last 5 years and I no longer want to cross oceans.  I want a nice safe dock that I can always come home to.  I want a place where I can work the summers, sail the spring and fall and sleep through the winters. 

The Salish Sea has always been my home and by far it’s the most beautiful place on earth. Hawaii is amazing but I don’t want to spend my final glide path in endless summer.  I want all the seasons, protected waters that span a thousand miles  and all the love that San  Juan has always showed me. 

I’ve spent so many years spinning my wheels. Trying to get to where I thought I belonged when I was already there. 

There are thousands of miles between home, today a new journey  begins. A journey to reclaim my treasure. But this treasure isn’t burried.  This treasure is out in plain sight and anybody can have it if they want it badly enough.

I stare at the deep blue water and plot my course to adventure in the sand.  One way or another I’m coming  home.