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Sookies small cabin echoes with laughter and the sweet mellow tunes of Tom Waits.  The galley counter and everything else in the boat covered with flower, the methodical metronome of steel and wood set the beat  as I chopped veggies for our pie.

I don’t have a rolling pin as I have never really cooked anything in my life but a bottle of J.Scott  did its magic in more ways than one.

April did her best to turn me into a galley Ali, and now I have one more recepie to add to my man cooking book.  Not only that but I’m learning the true romance of the galley.

I’ve long since removed Sookie oven in search of a better fit to complete her wonderful little galley.  April brought an Omnia stove top oven to try out and it was a hit.  She made the dough and set it in the bilge to rise while I prepared the contents of our pie, potatoes, zucchini, garlic, onions, squash, brocholy  and a few basic spices.

We plopped the whole thing on my portable butane single burner cooker and lit it do its work. The pie cooked perfectly, the crust light crispy and brown, the contents gooey, hot and delicious.


“He who chops the wood warms himself twice”