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Fine wine and traditional sailing craft are the soul of the sea. Aged to perfection they are one in the same when it comes to pure love, hard work and a lifetime of dedication to something magical that can’t be understood by the people who enjoy the benefits of the makers toil.

In the celler my hands are stained bood red from the finest grapes on the planet, I’ve been at it for 12 straight hours following Jonathan around, the owner and maker of J.Scott Cellers one of the finest wineries on the planet earth.  I look at my hands and they remind me of the countless hours I’ve spent in the boat yard working on Sookie.  The sailors left hand isnt very different from the wine makers right hand.  Strong and weathered by hard work, stained by the love of an artist creating his masterpiece.  From hand to mouth the only labor of love that can near the wine maker is that of the traditional sailor. It’s never ending from sun up to sun down, every single day of our lives we work to create our art.  It’s impossible to ever taste this sort of satisfaction having not payed the years of dedication to something so small yet larger than life.

Jonathon is a sailor, an artist and slave to his gift to the world. His wines, 23 of them have won countless awards but it isn’t about recognition.  A lifetime ago having learned at a young age that he could never be happy working for money he went back to college to study the art of creating the worlds most magical aphrodisiac.  A wine made by sailors for sailors.

From the beginning of time alcohol has been created to be consumed in quantities. Wine is different, it’s created to consume us, to be drinken slowly.  It fully engulfs all of our senses with every sip and creates a state of mental bliss served with nature, and small bits of olives, cheese and fresh bread. It takes us back in time, a time when traditional ships  ruled the sea. A time when boats were as beautiful to sail as they were to look at.  A truly fine bottle of wine is as rare these days as the schooners that crossed oceans delivering these oak aged and ancient recepeis for love and a taste of the old world. Next time you sample a truly fine wine as yourself how they can possibly hand over a bottle of the ancient world of tan bark and jack tar so In-expensively. You only live once, drink more wine.
Falmouth Cutter 22

” Give me wine to wash me clean of the weather-stains of cares” Raplh Waldo Emerson

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If  you happen to be in Newport or Eugene Oregon stop by the tasting room, it will change your life.  www.jscottcellars.com