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Morning is my favorite time of day, lost in the halfway house of consciousness I slowly exit the dream world, that magical place where the subconscious plays out to a bizarre and wild world. I stretch my body out like super man wriggle around, make a few sqeeky morning noises and close my eyes for a few more minutes.

mountian kilt
We’ve been trained from birth to just get out of bed tired and grumpy and fire our brains up for another long day of useless activity.  Let’s face it, when was the last time you wiggled your finger and said wow, my finger is feeling so good today. We don’t think out it until we’ve smashed it with a hammer, crying out cradling it and trying to make the pain go away. It’s sad but this is pretty much how we treat our body’s which are directly connected to our mental outlook. We spend so much time wanting to look good, and feel good mentally, we forget to pay attention to how good we feel.  How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror in a day, if it’s more than once its probably too many times. Do you paint your face to change your appearance into something your not, or put on your fancy clothes so you can strut around all day being fancy on the outside and miserable on the inside?

Every morning when the time is right, I crawl out of bed and drink a big glass of water.  I shake the sleep out of my body and stretch as far as I can in every direction focusing my mind on my body, appreciating it in every way.  I dig the spears of my fingers into my shoulders and slowly work them foreward down my chest and all the way to my toes.  Around the back and up my calves all the way as far up my back I can reach for a nice massage, if you have a partner, use this quiet time to pamper each other.  Once I feel like I’ve re-entered the waking world I put on a cup of coffee and make a snack, pull out my journal and jot down things that matter to me, sometimes I just draw a picture.  I always make time for myself before any other duties of the day.

It’s Thursday and today I will work for another but not until I’ve paid myself first, nourish the body and the soul will follow. Call your boss and take tomorrow off, in the scope of your work life it will have no bearing but in the scope of your mental life, it just may set you free.  Cancel your gym membership and buy yourself a new bike that you will love enough to name and ride it everywhere.  If you can’t afford a bike, get a new pair of running or walking shoes and use them, or even go barefoot and reacquaint your dogs with the soil of the earth.  Give your weights away and go outside and work in the yard, it’s spring and there is pleanty to keep you active.

Our only God given right on this planet is our physical and mental health, use your body like the machine it is and your mind will soar. I’ve never worked out a single day in my life.  Caring for Sookie keeps me strong as does sailing her and rowing my little dink from here to there. My bike is not and has never been for exercise, it’s a toy, my office and the place where my mind can separate from everything except the beauty of the lay of the land.  My bike makes me smile, it’s impossible not to smile while doing something you love so much. It keeps me aleart and strong physically. It also makes me mentaly strong, I find a mountian and tell myself, if I can top this, I can do anything, my legs turn the pedals but my mind pushes my legs.

It takes 21 days to create a habit, the ritual of self awareness will change the world as you know it. The fountain of youth can’t be bought or sold, it lives in your physical body and how you treat it.  Everything your mind sees and feels is a direct result of how you treat the vessel that contains it.

“Not thinking about anything is Zen. Once you know this, walking, sitting, or lying down, everything you do is Zen.”

― Bodhidharma