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I was at the boat show talking to one of my biggest sailing couple heroes when one of them actually quoted me to me, verbatim.   I don’t think they knew they did but that’s how our brains work, we read or hear something and all of the sudden it’s melded into our brain as our own experience.


You can’t actually learn anything from a book  you can get a huge amount of insight but until you’ve  actually engaged in the activity you have no idea what it’s really like. I’ve sat left seat in a jet, taxied, taken off, climbed out approached and touched down.  Put me in that jet by myself and I’m a goner, the pilot carried me through the entire process.

The docks are busy this weekend.  Boaters crashing into each-other, the docks and anything else they can possibly hit. I watched a guy come in with his family it was almost as if he had never been on a boat in his life.  Later in the evening chatting with him I could tell by his language that every single word that came out of his mouth was from the Internet or reading a book. He was a parrot, parroting things he had heard but clearly didn’t understand.

You can read the best book on anchoring or sail trim or self help…  Until you put it thought the process you have no idea what to do when say you are anchored and can’t figure out why  you are broadside to a rising fresh breeze  sail trim books are great in theory but all boats are different and need to be sailed differently.  Until your in the boat reaching in 15 knots of wind and not topping four knots you won’t have the opportunity to figure out why you are going so slow.  I can read a book about how a guy only works a few hours a weeks and gets rich but the only thing I’m learning from the book is how he did, not how I can.

i recieved an extremely long letter from a reader of this blog.  It goes on to say how long they have read the blog and love my lifestyle and want to do the same thing.  I write most days because that’s what I do, I write, some people jog, or go to the gym or meditate for relaxation, I write.

The problem with reading blogs or watching fun videos is that your literally getting a day, week or month long snapshot is 5 minutes.  That leaves just shy of 24 blank hours in every day, a very empty void.  What I’m getting at is you can’t love my lifestyle because you have no idea what it is.  You get a snap shot and a few rambling sentences that usually are weeks old and wouldnt make a whole lot of sense even if they were happening in real time.

i never know how to answer these letters because who the hell am I to give advice.  I could sit down today and write  a hundred sellable books back to back but what’s the point.  You don’t want to live  my lifestyle , you are already living the lifestyle you want, it’s your choice afterall.

The reason I’m writing all this gibberish is to both apologize and also to say thank you.  I read every comment and email I receive but I can’t possibly answer them all.  I do however appreciate them very much and they give me a great amount of joy in reading them.

if you want to know what your dreams are take a good look around your life,  you are already living them.  You’ve worked your entire life to achieve what you have so sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sure we all have fantasies, mine is sailing away with Jessica Alba   The most dangerous thing any of us can ever do is blur the line between fantasy and reality.  I get a constant and steady amount  of hate mail from this blog, it’s from people who think I am living thier fantasy and they want it so badly  that they actually take the time to sit down and write long letters of how much they hate me.  The whole point of a Fantasy is that it’s harmless and not real.  If you blur that line and try and make it real it just may cost you everything.

As far as my crazy exciting life goes, I’m laying around sipping on a really good cup of coffee.  I’m a little bit bored and a little bit lonely, but not too much. there  are things I should be doing but it’s Sunday so I most likely won’t, what I’m saying is that my life is very much like yours with the exception that you didn’t shit in a bucket today.

The one thing we all have in the world that no man nor woman can take from us is the power of choice.  The power of descision is far more powerful than any magic. choose wisely.

“Don’t forget – no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.”
― Charles de Lint